To the pictures

Pictures of Texel, Holland.

The pictures were taken on the Island of Texel in October of different years.

Texel is the largest Dutch island and measures 16.328 acres.
It is situated between the Waddenzee and the North Sea across the city Den Helder.

The island shows a variety of landscapes. For instance, on its North Sea side there are dunes and sand beaches.
Right behind these dunes, there are woods and in the north, a large wetland called The Slufter.
The central and east parts are mainly used for agricultural purposes, such a sheep- and cattle-farming and the culture of flower bulbs.
In the east, a dike forms the border between the island itself and the Waddenzee.
The harbour of Oudeschild is located at the south-east of the Isle.

Of special interest is Ecomare, a centre for nature education as well as a seal care centre.
I visited Texel many times in autumn and it is a great place to make pictures.

I hope you like pictures of Texel.