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Pictures of Zeeland.

Here you can see pictures of Westkapelle, Zeeland.

The village Westkapelle is located at the most western part of the isle Walcheren, part of the province of Zeeland.
The small village has suffered many floods in past centuries and is now protected by a huge dike.
The dike forms a continuum with the high dunes wich protect the rest of the western part of Walcheren

The village has a beautiful 52m high Lighthouse.
It's tower, originally a churchtower was built in the 15th century.
The church was demolished during a fire in 1831.

There are 3 pictures of horses on the market waiting for the Ringrijden game.
There are regular competitions of Ringrijden on Walcheren.
Riding a horse one has to stick a kind of spear through a small ring hanging above the track thereby removing this ring.

There are several nice beaches adjacent to the village.
Typical wooden beach cabins are placed on the beaches to be rented out.
The beach pictures were made on August 28, 2004, the first sunny day in two weeks.
I hope you like the pictures of Zeeland.