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Pictures of Weerribben, national park, Holland.

Google map of the area.

JPeg map of the area

Pictures of a summer afternoon boat trip (2012) in Weerribben national park.

The National Park Weerribben-Wieden measures 100sq kilometres. and is situated in the middle north of the Netherlands in the province of Overijssel.
The Weerribben itself measures only 35sq kilometres.
This area is a small silent pearl of ancient Holland, a result of men digging peat and leaving canals as a result.
The peat was dried on "Ribben"small strips of land left between the canals.
This took place from the middle ages untill World War 2.

After a while small lakes where formed were fishery took place.
Around and in the shallow lakes reed grew over time wich was harvested for coverage of rooftops.
There still is 10sq kilometres of commercial reedland near Kalenberg.

In the summer of 2012 I visited Kalenberg on a sunny day.
We rented an electical boat at Kalenberg and had a fantastic day.
Boat rental at Kalenberg

It is heaven for dragonfly's wich are numerous in number and species.
I took some pictures of them but the largest species were very wild and difficult to approach.

I hope you enjoy the Weerribben pictures.
Pieter Haringsma Delft Netherlands